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Thursday, October 18, 2018
What We Believe
 What We Believe


Our Mission

We BELIEVE that the church exists to bring glory to God by communicating His word, the Bible, in a clear and accurate way. Nothing is more important because the Bible is God’s message to humanity. In it, we learn how we can have a genuine and satisfying relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We also learn how to live a meaningful life in a mixed-up world. 

Therefore, a passion to communicate the truth of the Bible shapes the ministry of Huron Baptist Church.  We pursue three simple objectives to accomplish this purpose:

Strengthen Christians in their faith: God intends that Christians grow spiritually through the teaching, encouragement, prayers, and true friendship of others.  HBC is a place where followers of Christ receive all of these benefits.

Share the good news of Jesus Christ with others: The good news of Jesus Christ is the core of our ministry because he is the solution to everyone’s greatest need.  We work together actively to introduce others to the Lord Jesus.

Extend the impact of our message around the world: We have a global vision for our ministry and support the work of establishing new churches in our region and throughout the world.


What Do We Believe? An overview of the doctrines taught at HBC.

We believe in the Bible .

  • The 66 books of the Bible, as originally given, are inspired, inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient as a foundation for life.

We believe in the Trinity (or Tri-Unity).

  • The infinite and holy God eternally exists in three persons identical in nature and perfection: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the sovereignty of God.

  • In eternity past God freely established a plan that governs all things that have and will come to pass in His universe.
  • He upholds and governs all things with infinite power and wisdom.

We believe that humanity has a desperate need.

  • God created humanity in His image, but our first parents rebelled against him and the guilt of Adam’s sin passed on to us so that we try to live under our own authority rather seeking God’s will and glory in all things.
  • We can do nothing on our own to restore our lost relationship with God.

We believe that God gives salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone.

  • Before the world began, God the Father determined to send God the Son to pay the penalty for our sin through his death on the cross.
  • God the Son came into the world through the virgin birth and, in a great mystery, his divine nature was united to a human nature in the single person, Christ Jesus.
  • Christ Jesus lived a perfect life, died as our substitute, paying the penalty for our sin, and rose from the dead after three days so that we can have forgiveness by his grace.
  • God the Holy Spirit uses the Bible to convince people of their sin and need for forgiveness, and gives new spiritual life to all who believe based on the life and death of Christ Jesus.
  • All people may establish a relationship with God through faith in Christ Jesus.

We believe that God changes lives.

  • The evidence of genuine faith in Christ Jesus is repentance of sin and ongoing commitment to the Lordship of Christ in every aspect of life.
  • Everyone who genuinely trusts Christ Jesus is eternally secure.

We believe that the church has a mission from God.

  • The local, or visible, church is the agency God has established to spread the good news of Christ Jesus and pass on the truth from generation to generation.
  • Christians are people set apart for God’s service and glory; as such, we must not cooperate with any religious organizations that compromise the truth of the Word of God.

We believe that Christ Jesus is coming again.

  • Christ Jesus will take all genuine Christians home with him to heaven at the end of the church age (the rapture).
  • Following a seven-year period of judgment known as the Tribulation Period, Christ will return and establish a literal Kingdom on earth for 1,000 years.

We believe that a personal relationship with Christ Jesus has eternal consequences.

  • Following Christ’s Kingdom on earth, all those who have rejected God’s grace will be condemned at the Great White Throne of Judgment and will experience eternal conscious punishment (hell).
  • God will also establish an eternal Kingdom in which all those who have trusted Christ will experience endless glory and joy (heaven).

For further details on what we believe, download our full Statement of Faith.

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